Sam Faiers Home Birth

In a world where home births are becoming increasingly popular, celebrities are no exception. As the creators of the trusted Birth Pool In A Box, we are always thrilled to hear stories of how our product plays a part in these special moments. Today, we bring you the story of reality star Sam Faiers, who planned to use our birthing pool for the birth of her third child, baby Edward.

Sam Faiers, a former star of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), is no stranger to the joys of motherhood, with two older children, Paul Jr and Rosie, already part of her family with longtime partner Paul Knightley. In May 2022, Sam welcomed her third child, Edward, adding another bundle of joy to their growing family​.

The story of Edward's arrival is one of resilience, adaptability, and family support. While Sam had originally planned to welcome Edward in our Birth Pool In A Box, the birth took an unexpected turn. Despite having a beautiful experience with Rosie's water birth, Sam found she couldn't get comfortable in the water this time around. Driven by instinct, she decided to switch her birthing plan at the last moment​.

Sam Faiers home birth in labour

In a corner of their kitchen, supported by her partner Paul, Sam stood upright, ready to welcome Edward. Her older children, Paul and Rosie, stood by her side, eagerly awaiting their new sibling. It was a family affair that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of home births - intimacy, love, and support. The midwife was ready to catch the baby as Sam, standing but slightly squatting, brought Edward into the world​​.

Sam's home birth journey was beautifully captured in a video she shared on her Instagram, showing clips from Edward's birth. The video included touching moments of Paul and Rosie holding Sam's hand for support as she delivered Edward​​.

Following the birth, Sam shared her feelings of profound love for baby Edward. "No words can describe how in love we are with you, baby boy," she wrote in her Instagram caption. "Mummy loves you more than you could ever imagine. In our baby bubble currently. Be back soon."

Sam's birth story is an example of the flexibility and adaptability that home births can offer. Despite her initial plan to use our Birth Pool In A Box, Sam was able to adjust her birth plan to what felt right in the moment. It's a testament to the personalized and empowering experience of home births that our product aims to facilitate.

She had previously shared with her Instagram followers her excitement about having another home birth, recounting the peaceful and relaxed vibe of Rosie's home birth. "I know it's not for everyone, but if you're low risk and have thought about it, definitely ask your midwife all the questions you have," Sam advised​1​.

Sam Faiers Family

As creators of Birth Pool In A Box, we are honoured that Sam considered our product for her home birth. We stand by all mothers in their unique birthing journeys, offering a trusted option for those considering a home birth. We believe in the power of choice and comfort in birth, and we are here to support you in creating your own unique birth story.