There are several ways to make use of a Birth Pool in a Box

You can of course buy your own, you can look into hiring one, or you may even be offered one from your NHS Trust Community Team.

We are often asked “what are the things I need to consider before making my decision”  It is, after all, not something one does every day..  It is such an important day and you want to get it right.

Here are some of the things you will need to consider before placing an order with us.

What size do you need? Regular or Mini. This is probably the most frequent question we are asked.  We offer two sizes and they are both suitable for most women to allow freedom of movement and the waterbirth experience they desire.  

But what are the factors families and women need to consider when making their choice between Regular size and Mini size.

  • First of all, would your partner like to join you in the pool?  If it is your wish to have the option of your partner joining you in the pool, then we would recommend the regular size pool, this will give you ample space for 2 and the labouring woman still has space for the freedom of movement she will need during labour.   The height of a woman is not really a consideration but we would say that if you a particularly tall woman and enjoy stretching out then perhaps a Regular pool may benefit you more.
  • If you are sure you do not want anyone in the pool with you, and this is certainly the case for some women, or If you prefer the feeling of  being enveloped in a more secure, cosy space, then the mini size may be a good choice for you.

Other considerations for size.

  • Your hot water supply. If you have a combi boiler and have a good supply of hot water this is great but you may have an older style hot water tank, it would be a good idea to see how long it would take to fill your bath tub and see if you would have adequate hot water.  The mini size represents approximately 2.5 standard bath fulls of water and the regular size approximately 4 bath fulls.   It would be very disappointing to get to the point where your birth pool in only half full and you run out of water.  Your midwife will require the pool to be filled to between the minimum and maximum indicators on our liner for a safe waterbirth.
  • How much floor space do you have to accommodate your Birth Pool?  We have heard from families who live in smaller city apartments with limited floor space that the mini was a better option for them. You also may have an apartment which is not situated on the ground floor and weight is a consideration again the mini would be a better choice perhaps as the weight when filled is considerably less.

When deciding on the space you will need for your Birth Pool remember that your midwife will need access to you from three sides of the pool. A metre of space is ideal and 50cm a minimum.

To help you decide the Dimensions of both Regular and Mini can be found here:

Birth Pool In A Box Sizes

How do I order my Birth Pool in a Box pool now I know what size I want? Remember to consider the accessories you will need.  The pool is complete with a single use liner for your birth but you will need other accessories to inflate the pool and fill and empty the pool with water.  

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