Birthing Pools for Independent Midwives

Birthing Pools for Independent Midwives

Family with a birth pool

Attention, independent midwives! Are your clients often curious about the soothing benefits of a home water birth? We're here to help you elevate your service with our Birth Pool in a Box birthing pools.

Our innovative pools provide your clients the transformative experience of a home water birth. You have two empowering options at your fingertips. For a personal, one-time use, recommend our Birth Pool in a Box Personal Pool and liner. Alternatively, elevate your service by offering your clients the unmatched quality of our Birth Pool in a Box Professional. This hospital-grade birthing pool is the only inflatable pool on the market that guarantees and insures against manufacturing faults for the first 40 uses. This standout feature could make all the difference in setting your service apart from the rest.

Crafted with material that is 44% thicker than our personal birthing pool, the Professional pool is robustly designed for longevity. To maintain hygiene and uphold the 40-use manufacturing warranty, each use requires a new Birth Pool in a Box liner. We're so committed to supporting your clients' birthing journey that we offer the Professional pool to Independent Midwives at a special discounted rate.

Further enhancing your service, we provide an exclusive 20% discount on our range of home birth products, including personal birthing pools, liners, and other accessories.  You can sign up to a B2B account and order online with your discount at your convenience - register your interest

Our birthing pools are available in two sizes, Regular and Mini. Both comfortably accommodate a woman over 6 ft, ensuring versatility. For intimate birthing experiences, the Mini pool is perfect, using approximately 2.5 bathtub fills of water. If your client prefers extra space or wants a partner to join in the pool, the Regular pool is an ideal choice, using around four bathtub fills of water. Despite their difference in size, both pools are offered at the same price, prioritising affordability.


IMUK recommend the use of Birth Pool in a Box liners with every pool use.

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Ready to make a difference in your service and the birthing experiences of your clients? Take a moment to explore our Gallery Page, and learn more about our sizes here.

We'd love to delve into the specifics of these empowering options with you. Contact us via the form below, drop us an email at, or give us a call on 0800 035 0514. Elevate your midwifery service today with Birth Pool in a Box!

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