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Are you a Doula or Antenatal teacher? Are you often asked if you have a Birthing Pool or you would you like to use one as a demonstration tool in a Class?

If you are considering the purchase of a birthing pool, to allow the women in your care the chance to borrow a pool as part of your service or to see the pool in action in one of your classes  you may like to consider our Professional Birth Pool in a Box birthing pool. 

Our Birth Pool in a Box Professional grade pool is guaranteed ( and insured) against manufacturing faults for the first 40 uses. The Professional pool material is 44% thicker than our Personal birthing pool and is designed and made to last. It is used with a new hose and a new Birth pool in a box liner for each birth. The use of alternative "universal liners" void that  warranty.

Please contact us for our special discounted Professional pool price for Doulas and Antenatal teachers.

There are two sizes of Professional birth pool; Regular and Mini.  Both sizes allow a woman of 6 ft plus to birth in the pool. The Regular pool allows a partner to join the woman in the birthing pool but the Mini generally does not. When considering what size to purchase it is worth noting that the Mini pool uses approximately 2.5 bathfulls of water and the Regular 4 bathfulls. The Mini can also fit into smaller rooms if space is limited. Both size birthing pools are the same cost. 

We offer our range of Birthing pool products ( liners and other accessories) to Doulas and Antenatal teachers and their clients at a 10% discount. You can register for a B2B account to apply your discount when ordering in our online store.  To give you clients a discount, you can sign up to our Affiliate Programme.

Professional pools at the Doula/Antenatal teacher discount can not be purchased on our webstore. If you would like details on PRO pool pricing and purchasing  please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options in full so please fill out the form below, Email us at or call on 0800 035 0514.

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