Personal Birth Pool In A Box

Our birth pools are designed with safety as the top priority, with the single-use liners offering an effective barrier to water and germs. You can adjust the height of the pool thanks to our unique 3-chamber design, plus there are several handles for extra support and control. The integrated seat is the perfect height for resting after the birth, holding your baby’s head above the water as you relax and bond.

We offer two sizes of Birth Pool in a Box for personal use:


This option allows your partner to join you, with a comfortable amount of room. You can also stay well hydrated with a refreshing drink from our integrated cupholder.


This option holds 40% less water than the Birth Pool in a Box Regular Plus so it is ideal if you are concerned about your hot water supply. It still features the seat and cupholder and there is plenty of room to move about into positions to aid comfort.

Product Comparison

Birth Pool in a Box
Other pools

Adjustable Height

Deeper than other pools and can adjust the height

Can’t adjust height on most pools


Integrated seat for safely bonding with your new baby

No seat


Opaque sides for increased privacy

Transparent sides

Integrated System

We only sell pools with liners for water protection and hygiene protection

Not mandatory to have a liner

Pool Features

Birth Pool in a Box Pool and Liner is an integrated system. Our Pro Liner has been designed to be a snug fit on the pool and allows for complete comfort and no uncomfortable creasing.

The Pro Liner has pockets that fit over the handles which stops any contaminated water from seeping through into the base of the pool whilst allowing women to still grip the handles. The liner is designed to to be used with the pool’s cup holder and has a convenient hose slot, holding your hose firmly in place while filling.

Our pools should always be used with a new Birth Pool in a Box Pro Liner. This is essential for infection control, peace of mind, full use of our pool's features and of course, comfort. It also maintains the warranty that gives you assurance and support when you need it. Generic liners should never be used with Birth Pool in a Box.

Personal Birth Pool In A Box Image

Clear inside wall

Mothers like the perception of larger space created by having a clear inner wall

Space for partner

The regular pool has ample space for your partner, should they want to join you - many couples enjoy the intimacy and shared experience that being together in the pool brings.

White floor

We believe in taking advice from professionals and Midwives requested a white floor to enhance visibility in the birthing pool.

Internal seat

Mothers requested a comfortable place to sit while they bonded with their newborn in the birth pool.

Adjustable height

Midwives said that some mothers needed lower sides for ease of entry and exit. So adjustable height with BPIAB is a must-have feature. Just release some air from the middle chamber and top up the other two for a stable pool with lower sides.

Double-reinforced top handles

Mothers asked for handles here to give them control over their movement in the water. They are also useful for gripping during contractions and to hold onto while getting in the pool.

Soft floor chamber

Mothers wanted comfort on the birth pool floor. All our pools have a continuous inflated floor.

No drain plug

Midwives and mothers agreed that a drain plug was an unnecessary weak link in a birthing pool.

Rim To Rest

Midwives recommended a 5” rim to safely rest on during entry and exit.

Cup holder

To ensure that labouring women are able to keep hydrated without having to ask for a drink, we have added a cup holder to our pool.

No rough edges

Mothers requested that seams be smooth where they rest their heads. This has drawn comment on our customer surveys, there are no rough edges on our pool.

No internal handles

Midwives and mothers agreed that internal handles in the pool might obstruct full movement and prevent effective use of a liner.

Plain blue rim

Mothers said they wanted a clear space to rest their heads with no distracting text or images or manufacturers logos

Tested for quality, durability and stability

Each pool is inflated and factory tested to ensure that it has no defects and then 5-10% are randomly sampled and tested again by independent inspectors. The sides are strong enough to allow a 15-stone person to sit or lean on them. Midwives and birth partners love the width of the sides of BPIAB.

Double-reinforced handles

Mothers requested these strong handles on the outside of the pool (2 sets, uniquely positioned) for use when leaning over the side. They are angled at 30 degrees for maximum comfort.


Some mothers wanted to be cosseted while others wanted space, so we made the pool narrower at one end and wider at the other. The seat in the narrower end with the top handles is a very popular place for women to sit in between contractions.

Opaque external wall

Mothers unanimously agreed that the opaque external wall of the birthing pool increased their sense of privacy. We know that the release of oxytocin is a key factor to a successful labour and women who feel safe and private release more oxytocin.

Three separate chambers

This is safer than a single chamber in the event of an accidental puncture in the pool walls. Three chambers also allows for the adjustable height feature.

Informational Downloads

To find out more about Birth Pool In a Box products, including our:

  • purpose-built engineered design for maximum comfort, safety, accessibility and durability
  • Ease of cleaning for minimised risk of infection
  • Ease of installation, use and maintenance, for cost-effectiveness and convenience
  • Durability for optimum return on investment

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