Birth Pool In A Box - Our Story

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The Good Birth Company

Was founded in 2003, initially hiring fiberglass birthpools. Birth Pool in a Box first came to market in October 2005 after intensive research and development, holding many focus groups with Midwives and Mothers who gave feed back on what they thought the perfect Birth Pool should be.

As a company we have continued to survey our customers and take advice from experienced midwives in order to develop the features they want and as such we are currently on the 3rd version of Birth Pool in a Box. 

We added a seat as women talked about how relaxing it would be to sit on a soft inflated surface with their baby's head safely out of the water.  We added top handles to give more freedom to Mothers to adopt the positions they felt suited them best and enable them to grip and pull on one of 3 sets of handles. We have increased the floor depth for extra padding on the knees and added a cup holder as women spoke about the need to have a drink at hand when they were labouring.

We continue to take advice from the industry and we develop the pool to reflect the opinions of midwives and mothers alike.  We pride ourselves on acting on feedback from surveys and to the continual development of a high quality "best in class" portable pool.

"The only inflatable birthing pool I wholeheartedly recommend."

Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE, Founder of Waterbirth International and leader in waterbirth credentialing.

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