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When purchasing a Birth Pool in a box pool for a water birth at home we have created several choices depending on your circumstances:

If you purchase a new Birth Pool in a Box Personal pool (either Mini or Regular size) from our online shop it will arrive packed with it's own Birth Pool in a Box liner.

The minimum you need to use your new Personal pool and liner is an electric inflate/deflate pump and a new, clean hose. You may already own an inflate deflate pump to inflate air beds etc. Just make sure it is similar to the one we offer (Max pressure 0.74 Psi). Please only use a new hose even if you have a hose that has only had clean water through it. The hose sold at our shop is 10m long. Please make sure you check the distance from your chosen tap/s to the pool and from the pool to the waste water outlet (usually a toilet)

When you need to empty your pool of water you can choose to bucket/syphon the water out or use an electric submersible pump via the hose that was used to fill. The liner and hose can then be disposed of.

We have the following kits. Please click on the individual link to check what they contain:

Basic kit

Complete Essentials kit- please note it includes an Inflate/Deflate pump and Submersible water pump

Standard kit- please note it only includes a Submersible water pump for those people who already own an Inflate/Deflate pump

None of the above contain a liner


Personal pool (Mini or Regular) & Complete Essentials kit- contains everything including a Birth Pool in a Box liner

All  four of our kits contain the three tap connectors that we have available. Please see what taps they are appropriate for here


If you are borrowing a Birth Pool in a Box pool always check it is sound before ordering new items.  You will need a Birth Pool in a Box liner and a clean new hose as above. Please make sure that you purchase the correct size liner depending on what size Birth pool in a box pool you have - Regular or mini.

Please don't be tempted to purchase a "universal/generic" liner as they are NOT made to fit our pools and will mean uncomfortable creasing and will not anchor correctly on the pool handles.

Our webshop allows you to order many items individually, if you decide that you don't need a full kit, so please click here for all the options.

If you have any other questions please Contact us

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