In this article, we'll take a look at whether the induction process will force you to forgo a water birth. We'll also provide some tips on what to do if induction is necessary, and how best to manage pain during labour with alternative techniques...
Can I Have a Water Birth if Induced?

Can I Have a Water Birth if Induced? Water births are a great option for women looking to manage pain during labour. They are known to reduce stress hormones, which is especially helpful in the induction process. Unfortunately, many are led to believe they cannot have a water birth if...

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What Is Water Birth?

What Is Water Birth? Water births are becoming more and more popular every year as an exceptional alternative to traditional births. Many women have reported them as being less painful, more natural, and safer than ground births. If you're considering a water birth for your next delivery but don't know...

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Waterbirths during a dynamic changing picture

Role of midwives during COVID 19 and waterbirths. Author: Dianne Garland FRCM SRN RM ADM PGCEA MSc Freelance midwife During these changing and challenging times I have spent the last few months sharing information about the use of water for labour and birth. I have written widely, undertaken interviews and...

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