Birth Pool In A Box

Step into the soothing embrace of home birth with Birth Pool in a Box, globally recognised and cherished by expectant mothers and midwives around the world.

Crafted with thoughtfulness and precision, our birth pool provides a sanctuary for you to navigate the transformative journey of childbirth enveloped in unyielding comfort.

Available in both Mini and Regular sizes to suit your individual space and needs, each pool comes equipped with a disposable, single-use liner, ensuring unparalleled hygiene standards.

Proudly created from eco-friendly 0.38mm PVC, our pools are entirely devoid of Cadmium, Lead, and Latex. They stand as a testament to our commitment to your wellbeing, meeting the strict EU regulations on phthalates.

Our pools, loved by celebrities and recommended by moms, offer a unique design feature: two sets of top handles, strategically placed to provide you with control and stability during labor. In contrast to conventional designs, we've purposely avoided internal handles, granting you the freedom to move as naturally as the waves of your birth pool.

And as you embrace the journey of labor, keep yourself hydrated with our integrated cupholder - a thoughtful addition to this empowering birthing space. Whether you're drawn to the cozy embrace of the Mini or the expansive comfort of the Regular size, our birth pools are designed with your safety and serenity in mind.

Discover why Birth Pool in a Box is a global leader in home water birth experiences, as you embark on your remarkable journey of motherhood. The peaceful, intimate birth experience you've been dreaming of awaits you.

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