Pro Pool Features

40 Use Warranty

Our Professional pools are such high quality that they are covered by a 40 use warranty for manufacturing defects.

Birth Pool in a Box Eco Professional is the only inflatable pool on the market to offer warranty on uses in the UK.

20 Use Warranty

Other Great Features

Adjust to right height for woman and midwife

Easy hydration for women with integrated cupholder

The liner's tight fit means no uncomfortable creasing


Accessories & Service

We supply accessories for filling and emptying pools and can advise on installation and regulations.

Supporting documentation, e.g. for decontamination and emergency exit, is available.



Every aspect of Birth Pool in a Box Professional starts with the primacy of safety.

For example, the internal seat allows a woman to rest in the pool with her newborn's head above the water on her chest. No other inflatable has one.


Two Sizes

Hospital facilities differ in size. Some units offer the Mini which requires 40% less warm water.
If policy allows birth partners in the pool then the Regular size is recommended.


Durable and Visible

Birth Pool in a Box Professional can be left up with the top air chamber partially deflated, ready to put a new liner on and inflate to firm.

Then the waterbirth option is always visible to women on tours or in labour.


Rapid Clean Up

The Pro Liner covers the top pool handles to prevent contaminated water seeping down into the pool base.

This is great for infection control and quick clean up - making the pool available again as needed.


Multiple Use

Our Professional pools are designed for multiple use with our single use Pro Liner. It has reinforced base and thick 0.55mm material.

This is the optimum strength. No other inflatable, even with thicker material, has our Warranty and Use guarantee.