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Our birth pools are designed with safety as the top priority, with the single-use liners offering an effective barrier to water and germs. You can adjust the height of the pool thanks to our unique 3-chamber design, plus there are several handles for extra support and control. The integrated seat is the perfect height for resting after the birth, holding your baby’s head above the water as you relax and bond.

We offer two sizes of Birth Pool in a Box for personal use:


This option allows your partner to join you, with a comfortable amount of room. You can also stay well hydrated with a refreshing drink from our integrated cupholder.


This option holds 40% less water than the Birth Pool in a Box Regular Plus so it is ideal if you are concerned about your hot water supply. It still features the seat and cupholder and there is plenty of room to move about into positions to aid comfort.

Pool Features

Birth Pool in a Box Pool and Liner is an integrated system. Our Pro Liner has been designed to be a snug fit on the pool and allows for complete comfort and no uncomfortable creasing.

The Pro Liner has pockets that fit over the handles which stops any contaminated water from seeping through into the base of the pool whilst allowing women to still grip the handles. The liner is designed to to be used with the pool’s cup holder and has a convenient hose slot, holding your hose firmly in place while filling.

Our pools should always be used with a new Birth Pool in a Box Pro Liner. This is essential for infection control, peace of mind, full use of our pool's features and of course, comfort. It also maintains the warranty that gives you assurance and support when you need it. Generic liners should never be used with Birth Pool in a Box.

Click here to view our online Pro Pool Data Sheet.

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Other Hospitals offering WaterBirth

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Water birth option comes to CRMC birthing center

On June 1 2013, CRMC was officially certified to offer water birth as an option for laboring mothers who meet the necessary criteria.

“It’s something where we have the ability to respond and help women have the delivery they desire,” Goodwin said. “They’re asking for support on this — we want to be able to give that to them.”

Water birth is not much different than a normal birth, Goodwin said. “Water in general shortens labors,” she explained. “It relaxes women and the process of dilating seems to speed up a bit.” Reports have shown that women who have opted for water birth experience less pain, shorter labor process, decreased need for pain medicine and decreased bleeding and lacerations.

The process is exactly what it sounds like it is ­— instead of laboring and delivering their baby in a hospital bed, women have the option to deliver in the waters of a small inflatable pool.

Setting Up A Water Birth Service

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Many Hospitals and Birth Centres are using Birth Pool in a Box Professional Hospital Grade Pools to offer women the option of Labouring and Birthing in water. The Portable solution with liner system means that this is often a simple, quick and easy way to set up a waterbirth service.

We provide everything you need to get started. We can talk to your Estates Department, as well as provide you with risk assessment, manual handling, waterbirth protocols and infection control documentation. If you need us to visit, that can be arranged.

Call Jane on 0800 0350514 to discuss your requirements.

Size Guide

Size comparison to scale:


Birth Pool in a Box Mini Birth Pool in a Box Regular
Your priorities are:
You have limited space
You have limited hot water capacity
You want to feel envelopped 
Your priorities are:
You want your partner to join you
You want a feeling of space
Feature The Mini The Regular
External dimensions 65" x 57" - 165 x 145cm 76" 65" - 193 x 165cm
Internal dimensions 45" x 37" - 114 x 94cm 56" x 45" - 142 x 114cm
Internal Height 26" - 66cm 27" - 69cm
Depth of Water Min 18" - 45cm
Max 22" - 55cm 
Min 18" - 45cm
Max 23" - 58cm 
Rim Width 10" - 25cm 10" - 25cm
Inflated Floor 2" - 5cm 2" - 5cm
Built-in Seat Yes Yes
Integrated Cup Holder Yes Yes
Disposable Liner not included
 liners available separately
Not included
 liners available separately
MyAnchor Compatible Yes Yes
Pool Material 0.38mm Eco PVC
Cadmium, Lead and Latex free
Liner Material 0.20mm Eco PVC
Cadmium, Lead and Latex free 
Recommended Max Height of Mother 6' or 182cm no limit
Room for Partner No Yes
Volume of Water (80% Full) 480 litres 650 litres
Weight when Filled 487kg (1,017 lbs) plus mother 659kg (1,450 lbs) plus mother

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