Birth Pool in a Box Accessories

Birth Pool in a Box Accessories

We can advise you on the types of accessories you will need - most single use items have a quantity discount. Please contact Jane on 08000350514 for Pricing

Birth Pool in a Box Accessories


Item Description Image
ClearFit Cover Fits over pool, securing on handles. Clear translucent material enables a quick check on water depth as you fill.  The ClearFit Cover is available in Regular and Mini sizes.
ClearFit Cover
MyAnchor Facilitates control of position inside the pool and provides a pulling option that many women instinctively seek in second stage.  MyAnchor is One Size and fits both Mini and Regular pools.
Additional Liner Smooth-fitting disposable liner for Birth Pool in a Box Eco Regular Plus and Eco Mini Plus pools - used with both Personal and Professional pools.  Incorporates a pocket for the cupholder which lays flat if not used.
Submersible Water Pump The Submersible water pump is used in Units to empty the pool after the birth and when the mother and baby have left the pool.  It is used with the disposable hose which was also used for filling.  This pump is specifically designed for use in water but also comes protected with an RCD.
Non-Toxic Hose The disposable Non-Toxic hose is used to fill and empty the pool for one birth and then it is disposed of with the disposable liner. The hose is available in 5m, 10m and 15m sizes to fit your requirements.  Please see our Tap Connector Guide for information on tap connection.
Water Strainer The Water Strainer is a single use disposable item. To remove solid debris before emptying a birth pool. 
Waterbirth Thermometer Waterbirth submersible thermometer: To monitor water temperature (the temperature should be between 34°C and 37°C). Custom waterbirth scale and fully submersible.  Single use disposable item.
Mirror for Waterbirth

Acrylic mirror with handle, suitable for use during labour and birth.

Dimensions: 25cm total length, 12cm head diameter, 3mm thick.

A mirror allows midwife access without you leaving the comfort of the birth pool. She would be able to view your baby's progress without touching or disturbing you.

Can be soaked in Milton solution but will degrade beyond 5 uses. Does not degrade with Tristel Fuse.

Birth Pool in a Box Pro Bag New and improved bag for Birth Pool in a Box Professional Pools.  The bag has straps to enable it to be carried on your back.  It has a pocket for a liner and has thermal qualities.  Useful for storing pools for for Community Teams.
Birth Ball

Comes in 2 sizes:

Medium 65cm diameter (blue) - suitable for people 5ft 2" - 5ft 8" (157-173cm)
Large 75cm diameter (blue) - suitable for people 5ft 8" and above (173cm and above)

Tested to 220kg (484 lbs).

The soft touch finish on this birthing and exercise ball makes it perfect for labour. They are manufactured using the highest quality material, to produce a ball that is safe and burst resistant.

Latex free and made with new homogenous material which is less slippery & warmer to the touch than PVC, it also prevents sudden loss of pressure if the ball is punctured.

Some exercise or gym balls do not conform to this standard and can deflate rapidly which is not suitable for pregnant women.

  • Helps to alleviate back ache during pregnancy
  • Progressing labour by continuous movement of legs and pelvis
  • Exercising before and after birth

These balls are ideal for home & hospital use - if in doubt please speak to your midwife.

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