Basic Kit for Filling Birth Pool in a Box

Basic Kit for Filling Birth Pool in a Box

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The basics you need to fill a Birth Pool in a Box with water from your taps.


    • Non-toxic clear 10m hose with 12mm (1/2") bore: For filling and emptying the pool. The hose can also be used to syphon water out if you have a drain below floor level, eg outside.
    • Round tap connector: Max tap diameter for round connector: 18mm.
    • Multi-purpose tap connector: Max tap shaft dimensions for multi-purpose connector: width 32mm, height 40mm.

This connector works best with square taps with a water exit flow at right-angles to the shaft.

  • Waterbirth submersible thermometer: To monitor water temperature (the temperature should be between 35C/95F and 37C/98.6F). Custom waterbirth scale and fully submersible.